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Book specifications:
Title: Transcendence
Author: Christopher McKitterick
Publisher & imprint: Hadley Rille Books
Number of pages: 408
Dimensions: 6" by 9"
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9829467-0-1, $29.95 USD
Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9827256-9-6, $16.95 USD
To be released: November 5, 2010
Readers who enjoyed the cyberpunk feel of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash as
well as the cosmic fiction of James Blish’s
Cities in Flight should welcome the
author’s full-length sf debut.
Library Journal

A stark, thoughtful, and engrossing look at human society and its interactions
with animate and inanimate objects.
Publishers Weekly

A wild ride through a hypertech world.  Riveting.
—Jack McDevitt, Nebula Award winning author of Echo

—Algis Budrys, Pilgrim and Solstice award-winning author of Who?
and Rogue Moon.

A gorgeous cyberpunk/space opera/coming-of-age/new-wave
philosophical action novel.
—Kij Johnson, Nebula and World Fantasy award-winning author of
The Fox Woman and Fudoki.

This is the kind of book our genre needs more of.
—George Zebrowski, Campbell Award-winning author of Brute Orbits.

This may be the new New Space Opera - contemporary
realities meet future possibilities.
—James Gunn, Damon Knight Grand Master and Hugo and Pilgrim award-
winning author of The Road to Science Fiction and The Listeners.

In the not-too-distant future, humanity has colonized the solar system. People
present themselves virtually to others, sometimes several layers deep, and it’s
often hard to tell who is real.

Battles raging in trans-Neptunian space and on Earth are broadcast for the
entertainment of millions. The audience is unaware if the characters are
intheflesh or virtual.

An orbiting EarthCo-owned supercomputer called the Brain becomes
sentient while the tycoon who created it spins plans to take over the solar

A lone scientist explores an alien artifact on Neptune’s moon Triton, aware
that squabbles between rival corporations not only interfere with the
broadcast battle, but threaten to destroy him, the artifact, and potentially all of

This is how life as we know it ends . . . and something new begins.

About the Author

Christopher McKitterick is Associate Director (with James Gunn and Kij
Johnson) of the
Center for the Study of Science Fiction.  He has published in
Analog, Artemis, Captain Proton, E-Scape, Extrapolation, Locus,
Mythic Circle
and many others.
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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