Songs for a Machine Age
by Heather McDougal
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Cover art (c) Simone Held
Book specifications:
Title: Song for a Machine Age
Author: Heather McDougal
Book details: forthcoming
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Publisher: Hadley Rille Books
To be released: November 2012
"A large cast of characters and complex world-building fuel the
intrigue and action in this intricately plotted fantasy.
- Publishers Weekly

There is a place where fabulous clockwork Devices fill Festival streets with
color and sound. Where the Gear Tourniers, in their places of high learning,
keep alive the memory of the cruel horrors of an industrial past, now
overthrown. Where skill of the hand and grace of the body are markers of true
belief . . .

Elena Alkeson has been on the run for six years. Wanted by the fanatical Duke
of Melifax for witchcraft, she is safe nowhere in Devien, as her gift for sensing
impending disaster comes with a price: she can't keep her mouth shut. Until she
meets Fen, who shares a similar gift: the gift of seeing inside mechanisms and
knowing what they do. Elena and Fen must flee for their lives, going to the
capital City of Helseve to seek asylum, and, perhaps, a life in which their gifts
can be used for good. Amidst the machinery and brilliance of the Autumn
Festival, Fen and Elena find friendship, danger, and some powerful allies.

But Melifax and his sect, the dour Browns, are determined to bring the people
of Devien into a new age, an age of moralism, conformity and mass
production, ensuring that the beauty and pageantry of Devien and its Devices
will be lost forever.
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical