Shapers' Veil
by M.C. Chambers
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Kawi loves the wind. Eldest of the shapeshifting Shenmir, he embraces
his winged hawk form and ignores his two-legged form that once walked
and spoke with earthbound races. He soars alone in pure flight at the
coldest edge of the region protected by the Shapers' Veil.

But the parasitic Shapers grow hungry. The Veil releases hunting
swarms that drive Kawi back to inhabited lands. There he finds that the
immortal races—the Rua and his own race of Shenmir—have vanished,
leaving only legends in the memories of human settlers.

When the swarms start to attack mortals, Kawi knows the Shapers'
hunger is dire. Soon the protective Veil will collapse and storms from the
edge of the world will devastate all habitation.

With the help of Gydana, a human healer, he seeks the Shapers’ prey.
Instead he finds an unforeseen danger from which no flight can save him.
Cover art (c) Rachael Mayo
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
Title: Shapers' Veil
Author: M.C. Chambers
Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9827256-6-5, $28.00
Trade Paper ISBN 978-0-9825140-4-7, $16.00
Release date: August 29, 2011

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