Sentinels In Honor of Arthur C. Clarke
Edited by Gregory Benford and George Zebrowski
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editors Gregory Benford and George Zebrowski.
Fiction and Nonfiction by:
Isaac Asimov
Stephen Baxter
Gregory Benford
Russell Blackford
Damien Broderick
Pat Cadigan
Sheila Finch
James Gunn
Robert A. Heinlein
A.A. Jackson IV
Christopher McKitterick
Charles Pellegrino
Frederik Pohl
Pamela Sargent
Joan Slonczewski
Allen Steele
Howard Waldrop
Jack Williamson
George Zebrowski
Cover Prototype
"The Exploration of Mars"
by Chesley Bonestell
Copyright (c) Space Age Trust
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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