Ruins Terra (anthology)
Edited by Eric T. Reynolds
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You turned off the highway a few minutes ago and are now bouncing
along a remote dirt road across a barren desert region of what is now
called New Mexico.  The sun will set in a couple of hours and the
slanting light is already causing smaller hills to cast long shadows that
drape across the rolling land of scrub brush and outcrops.  The distant
mesas bask in the late afternoon sun while puffy clouds float high

You endure the washboarding effect of the road while your seatbelt
keeps you from bouncing around, for you will soon reach your
destination:  the dwellings of the Ancient Ones.

The road crests a hill then descends into an ever-expanding valley that
opens into the heart of Chaco Canyon, a now-desolate place that was
once inhabited by thousands.  The sheer walls of the canyon bound the
wide valley, and there along the base of the bluffs you see a brown
structure—a “great house” several stories tall, still standing after nearly
a thousand years.  Dozens like it are scattered across the valley.

You leave the car and hike toward the silent edifice.  You enter a
different world, stopping a few meters short to gaze at the building that
may have once housed hundreds of men, women and children.  The
clatter of daily work echoes through its windows and around the
courtyards.  You hear the songs of their lives, the laughter of children,
the voices of commerce, the building of shelter.  This and the other
buildings were the center of the world for a vast network of peoples,
an advanced society that prospered despite harsh conditions, a people
who could brave much of what the natural world would send their way
for hundreds of years.   Until at last they had to abandon the valley.

Ruins have fascinated us for centuries.  They provide a connection
with the past, telling us about a culture no longer there, or of one that
has moved on to new places.

In this book we present twenty-five stories and a poem about many
kinds of human ruins from all over the world.  You will find several
genres represented including science fiction, fantasy, horror, gothic
and mainstream.  Each deals with how humans make sense of the ruins
around them, whether natural or artificial.

Stories by:

Joel Arnold, "Burrow"
Skadi meic Beorh,  "The Ruin"
Jenny Blackford, "Python"
Jean-Michel Calvez, "The Outdiggers"
Thomas Canfield, "The Chamber of Azahn"
Brendan Connell, "The Moment of Glory"
Adele Cosgrove-Bray, "Seagull Inn"
Leila Eadie, "The Tomb"  
F.V. "Ed" Edwards, "Rock Visions"
Lisa Fortuner, "Amazon Library"
Angeline Hawkes, "The Tour Guide"
Kate Kelly, "Icebound"
Lancer Kind, "Moss Memoirs"
Kfir Luzzatto, "Maximum Entropy"
Lyn McConchie, "Rats in the Walls"
Michael Merriam, "A Glint Through Smoke and Flame"
Gareth Owens, "It’s a Temple"
Adrienne J. Odasso, "In Every Place that I Am"
George Page, "Airholes"
Stefan Pearson, "The Last King of Rona"
Jacqueline Seewald, "The Boy Who Found Atlantis"
Stoney Setzer, "The Guardians of Llarazan"
Ivan Sun, "After the Stonehenge Bombing"
Ted Stetson, "Pilgrims"
Doug Van Belle, "Clonehenge"
Ann Walters, "Rising Tide"
Cover Art copyright (c) Bob Eggleton
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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