Push of the Sky
by Camille Alexa
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"Alexa's impressive debut collection covers a wide variety of subgenres, among
which she switches with ease.  . . .  [Her] voice is a welcome new addition to genre
- Publishers Weekly, starred review

A young woman and her mandroid wander the Twelve Domed Cities of Mars,
looking for a place to call home...

A young man in the age of practical alchemy eschews incantations he can't utter for
fantastic creatures built of cogs and springs...

A prehistoric inventor living at the cusp of change finds an ancient winged carcass
at the edge of a melting glacier, and has the inspiration of a lifetime...

Over two dozen short speculative works from the pages of
Fantasy Magazine,
ChiZine, Abyss & Apex, Space & Time Magazine and more, including
SpaceWesterns.com's most-read story of all time, "The Clone Wrangler's Bride"
and its sequel, "Droidtown Blues."

PLUS new stories never before published, collected here for the first time.
Cover art (c) Aurélien Police
Book specifications:
Title: Push of the Sky
Author: Camille Alexa
Number of pages: 304
Trade paperback cover price: $15.95 USD
Hardcover cover price: $26.95 USD
Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches
Publisher and imprint: Hadley Rille Books
Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9819243-7-3
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9819243-5-9
Release Date: June 8, 2009
July 7, 2010: Push of the Sky is finalist for the Endeavour Award.
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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