The Priestess and the Slave
by Jenny Blackford
Praise for The Priestess and the Slave

"Extraordinarily moving"

- Ancient History: Resources for Teachers

"Thoroughly recommended"

- Herstoria Magazine

“Completely fascinating - a vivid and evocative glimpse into the life of the
past, with its terrors and joys so strange and yet so familiar.”

- Kate Forsyth, best-selling author of the Chain of Charms series, the Witches
of Eileanan series, the Rhiannon's Ride series, and
Full Fathom Five

"It’s such a joy to read a historical novel written by an author who has such
authority over her material. Jenny Blackford’s first novel The Priestess and
the Slave brilliantly recreates the politics, culture, and mindset of ordinary and
extraordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. I can only
wait impatiently to discover what treasures her next novel will reveal."

- Jack Dann, bestselling author of The Memory Cathedral, and The Silent.

“A compelling blend of vivid storytelling and meticulous research.  Fascinating
and thoroughly enjoyable.”

- Alison Goodman, author of Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

"Jenny Blackford's journey into the world of fifth century BC Greece has
followed the major historical and archaeological sources to the letter,
recreating Delphi on the verge of the invasion of Darius and Athens in the grip
of plague. Kleomenes of the manic eyes and vulpine cunning, the daily
routines of the Pythiai and Attic household slaves, the frightful symptoms of
the plague, the staple diets of rich and poor alike, all are based on the best
evidence available.  This is a lively story told against a first class historical

- Terry Ryan, Classics, University of Newcastle, Australia

The Priestess and the Slave by Jenny Blackford looks at the political turmoil of
fifth century BC Greece through the eyes of two women, one a slave and one
a farmer's daughter who became a Pythia in her fifties. The novella
intertwines the stories of Perialla, the Pythia at Delphi who was bribed by the
Spartan king Kleomenes around 491BC, and Harmonia, a slave looking after
the family which owned her, during the devastating Plague of Athens (which
broke out in the second year of the Peloponnesian War).  The two women
never meet, but their very different stories echo and complement one another.

About the Author

Jenny Blackford studied Classics at the University of Newcastle, NSW,
including a year of German and Sanskrit as well as four years of Greek and
Latin. At the end, she was awarded First Class Honors and a University
Medal. She has always been fascinated by prehistory and ancient history,
archaeology, ancient languages and mythology. Her stories have appeared in
places including Jack Dann’s showcase anthology Dreaming Again and
Random House’s 30 Australian Ghost Stories for Children. She is one of the
judges for the World Fantasy Awards 2009. Her website is www.
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The Archaeology Series
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about the daily lives of ancient people
living and coping with real historical
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