Pirates of Mars
by Chris Gerrib
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"I had only one reaction to the book, and that was: I have to do the cover!"
- Ron Miller, Hugo-winning author and artist

Lieutenant Peter Grant of the Volunteer Space Rescue Service is taken hostage
by pirates, who are holding him for ransom. The Rescue Service can’t afford to
pay a ransom and is not equipped for an armed rescue. Fellow Rescueman,
Jack Williams, unwilling to violate Rescue tradition and leave a person behind,
decides to improvise a rescue.
In Pirates of Mars, Gerrib paints a realistic portrayal of life on and around Mars
and draws on his extensive knowledge of the Red Planet to give us a sense of
what settlements might be like along with their politics and emergency response
teams. Sometimes, just like anywhere, emergencies are intentionally caused by
humans. In a harsh environment such as Mars, rescuers use the latest
technologies, but sometimes they must rely on good old-fashioned methods of
“interpersonal communication.”
Cover art (c) Ron Miller
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
Title: Pirates of Mars
Author: Chris Gerrib
Hardcover  $28.00
Trade Paper  $16.00
Kindle/Nook $2.99
Released February 2012

Science Fiction, Space Opera,
Mars Adventure