Ice Will Reveal
The Time of Turning Back: Book One
by Julia Dvorin
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Cover art © Magnus Rosendahl, Astrid228 |
Book specifications:
Title: Ice Will Reveal
Author: Julia Dvorin
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Publisher: Hadley Rille Books
Released: November 2012
"A straightforward traditional, quest-driven fantasy . . . [with] strong
female characters.
- Publishers Weekly

Orphaned siblings Jarrod and Whisper Thornn grew up as “mercy kids” at the
powerful Holy Temple of the One Goddess. Devout, law-abiding Jarrod
became a loyal Temple Guardian, whereas restless, unscrupulous Whisper
escaped to an apprenticeship with a rich thief as soon as she came of age. For
years, they have barely seen or needed each other. But when circumstance
brings them back together, Whisper joins Jarrod and his companions on a
harrowing journey to seal a breach in the magical Boundary that has long
protected their land from the apocalyptic influence of the Blight. Together, they
must battle life-sucking wraiths and face loss and betrayal as they hurtle
toward a fateful encounter at the Boundary that will change both their lives
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical