Barren Worlds (anthology)
Edited by Eric T. Reynolds, with Adam Nakama and Rob Darnell
Cover art (c) BertrandB &
You've entered orbit around a bluish world and are about to make a drop to the
surface in a small excursion vehicle.  You don’t believe the rumors that anyone
still lives on this world, but you’ve been sent to investigate.  How you’ll cover
the entire surface and search for evidence is up to you, but you’ve prepared for
it. There’s that area just south of the planet’s equator, the place where the
coastline of a large island appears disturbed.  Remote imaging only shows an
anomaly, but no real evidence of habitation.  Could be that it was inhabited in the
distant past and the images just revealed the long-since weathered landscape that
now obscures most of what might have once been a settlement.  As you brake
from orbit and fall toward the land you prepare your instruments and then wait
to see what awaits.  This is just one scenario of a barren world....
Book specifications:
Title: Barren Worlds
Edited by: Eric T. Reynolds
Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches
Number of pages: 304
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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